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Benefits of Eating Organic

As a personal trainer, I often get asked about the benefits of eating organic food. Many people are curious about whether or not organic food

Eat Right to Stay Strong

Slowing our bodies from aging takes more than just a great workout, it take healthy eating habits to keep our bodies strong.

Give a Gift of Self Love.

When it comes to investing in you, where do you spend the biggest investment? In a healthy lifestyle or eating out, taking in a concert

Your Trainer after 3rd pregnancy.

Why Wait?

This is me after my third child was born. I was tired and worn out. My life had become consumed with being a mom. Or

Gratitude for this Life I Live

Jenna Tiedje – Thanksgiving 2021 This Thanksgiving has me reflecting over this past year. After so much has changed since Covid-19 has become part of

SUP Burns 567 Calories

SUP, Stand Up Paddle Boarding is Fitness and when you are using proper form your abs will see all the difference. Can you believe that