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Get a direct map to the most effective and efficient way to find your healthy lifestyle and it doesn’t need to take years of trial and error of diet and exercise habits that don’t work. Why keep spending time on trying new eating habits if it’s not the most effective way for you to find your balanced lifestyle.

Eating habits are unique for each individual. My body uses protein effectively, adding extra portions of protein is beneficial to building muscle and burning calories. However, my body does not utilize “fats” efficiently, to loose the extra calories I need to work harder to burn the fat. Complex carbs may be the taboo of “diet” habits but thanks to my DNA Based Fitness Report, which means I gain more benefits in my workouts by adding more complex carbs into my daily diet.

Finding a balanced healthy lifestyle is achieved faster when there is a map that directs you to a unique one of a kind health plan of eating and exercise habits. Learn if your body burn more calories while doing long, moderate pace runs or does your body crave high intensity workouts? My DNA Based Fitness Report shows that my body loves cardio and high endurance workouts. My HDL Response to Cardio is below average and I need to workout at least 3 times a weeks to keep my HDL levels in check.

Knowledge is power and with the DNA Based Fitness you gain the tools to own the power in the palm of our hand to take control of your health in a unique, one of a kind way. Swab your cheek, wait for the results and receive the knowledge that lasts you a lifetime. Why wait or try another “fab” new diet and go through the same frustrating rotation that you have been going through? Take the stress out of finding your balance in gaining the healthy lifestyle your body needs to support you. Start your next healthy lifestyle journey with the DNA Based Fitness Kit. You can’t miss with this. Click on the DNA Based Fitness Tab and learn more and receive discounted products.