Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

In my 30’s and early 40’s I used to say that I would grow old gracefully, but now that I am getting older that statement is no longer true. I am doing whatever it takes so I can to stay strong, fit and looking young naturally and what I put inside my body is the most important part.

At 50 years young and wanting to keep my active life, I need to take care of myself from the inside out. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get to enjoy my ice cream or treats, it just means that I need to find the right balance for me.

Following a 70%-80% clean eating daily during the week and 60% clean eating during the weekend. There are times when on vacation and it’s just time to enjoy what I want to eat. I know that when I return there will be extra days that I will need to work a little harder to get the extra few pounds I may have added on.

But what I can’t do is give up. Knowing my DNA Based Fitness and that complex carbs enhance my body’s performance, I make better eating choices. By adding more salads and soups, offers filling healthy foods that help us to eat smaller portions of the foods that aren’t as healthy for us. Don’t forget to add that large glass of water before eating. Habits like this will help to balance healthy eating habits.

Adding soups and salads will help your body to enjoy the foods that it needs.

If these healthy habits are not part of the daily routine, I suggest starting them today. As we get older it only becomes harder to take off the weight and heal the body. It’s never too late, starting healthy eating habits today will have big results for years to come.

The longer the wait the longer it will take to see the results that you are looking for. The body doesn’t respond as quickly, just takes a little longer for our bodies to respond and our muscles to bounce back, but not impossible. Totally attainable.

Staying fit and having healthy eating habits as we age is important to support our bodies that are changing quickly. Remember to be consistent and patient, you didn’t put on that weight overnight so expecting our bodies to change quickly is not realistic. Be kind and remember your “why”. You and your body deserve to live the life you love to live for many years to come.

Me, Jenna Tiedje 50 years young.