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Me after 3 children, age 36.

This is me after my third child was born. I was tired and worn out. My life had become consumed with being a mom. Or so that’s what I told myself for awhile.

What is your excuse for not starting with the healthy lifestyle today?

Do you tell yourself it’s because you have company coming into town? Or is it that the holidays are upon us? And my favorite, it’s football season.

Why do we allow events to tell us that we can’t do it now. Now is not the time to do it, There is too much going on. The excuses can be endless. Until it’s too late.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to get what your body needs today. In order to keep living a full life that we love, it’s important to take care of ourselves from the inside out.

It’s not always convenient or easy. But as you have heard, nothing good comes easy. I love being a mom, but that is not easy but worth it.

At the age of 49 making time to fit the workouts into my schedule can be a hustle, or there is just the pure fact that some times my mind and body say NO. If I say NO today and tomorrow and so on, what will my future look like?

I do what I do today so I can keep living the life I want to live, on my terms. I know if I allow those no’s to dictate my future, I will be allowing myself to give up on me and my dreams. Not only my dreams, but on how feel day to day. I have more energy, I feel stronger not only physically but mentally as well. My stress levels go down and I am a better mom and partner to my husband because of it. I feel confident and that reflects on how I take on my life.

I am worth the fight and so are you. Let me help you get the I CAN attitude working for you. Live the Fabulous life you envision and say YES to the life you love!

Me living my best life at 49 years young.