Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

Eco Wellness Retreat ~ Jamaica

So excited to be announcing that my dear friend Alla Tsypin and I are heading back to the mountains of Jamaica coming February 15-21, 2023. We are taking our guests to a remote location away from all the tourist traffic. It is time for our guest detox from everything. From life, from the daily grind, […]

“Live Full, Die Empty” – Les Brown

I just heard this, or maybe it’s the first time it grabbed me the way it did. But YES…this is the Mantra I try to take with myself all day long. Life is short and we have no idea when it’s our time to go. Live the life that you LOVE! Experience life. Don’t wait […]

Why Wait?

Your Trainer after 3rd pregnancy.

This is me after my third child was born. I was tired and worn out. My life had become consumed with being a mom. Or so that’s what I told myself for awhile. What is your excuse for not starting with the healthy lifestyle today? Do you tell yourself it’s because you have company coming […]

SUP ~ Stand Up Paddle Boarding & Fitness

As a personalized trainer I love to find ways outside the gym to get a good workout. Living in South Florida there is lots to do outside. Paddle boarding happens to be my favorite way to get fit. Not only do I get to connect with the nature outside, the water keeps me grounded but […]