Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

I just heard this, or maybe it’s the first time it grabbed me the way it did.

But YES…this is the Mantra I try to take with myself all day long.

Life is short and we have no idea when it’s our time to go. Live the life that you LOVE!

Experience life. Don’t wait till this or that happens. If you want it, don’t wait for it.

Is your lifestyle getting in the way of your goals? Trying new experiences?

Living is experiencing life, all of it. Including our healthy lifestyle goals.

Now in no means do I mean that everyone needs to have their body fat count at 19% but it’s important to support your body to keep living the life you love.

Exercise, food, mindset and accountability are the pillars of a good foundation to build from. I don’t just run or just paddle board. I allow my body to receive many options of fitness throughout the week. From my SUP paddle board time to running, HIT workouts, swimming, roller blading, steaming and hot yoga.

That doesn’t include all the other things I do, like more the lawn, power walk with the dog and so on. Less sitting time means more activity, means muscles are working.

Activity like walking is a great way to burn calories and if you want to add more calorie burn to your walk, add 5 lb weights. Or…give me a call an let’s set up your first personalized one on one session.

All training is done face to face online, which makes it very easy for you. No drive time, no traffic to deal with, no need for a gym, no excuses.

I will guide you to your healthy fitness goals. Build a strong foundation today for a stronger you tomorrow.

Feel fabulous and say YES to a life you love!