Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

As a personalized trainer I love to find ways outside the gym to get a good workout. Living in South Florida there is lots to do outside.

Paddle boarding happens to be my favorite way to get fit. Not only do I get to connect with the nature outside, the water keeps me grounded but I get a total body workout.

When you learn proper form you are able to get that core work out that paddle boarding offers to everyone, even if it’s a leisure float.

I started Paddleboard Fitness in 2014 with the intention of training my clients on paddleboard‘s. From there my love for the sport just grew. a

Not long afterwards I took a training session with Annabel Anderson and from there I took PaddleFit Core in 2017 and became a PaddleFit Pro in 2018.

Annabel Anderson the “Paddleboarding Legend” by @Lessons In Badassery, was really the first one to get me excited about technique and form. Paddleboarding is Fitness.

Not only do I gain fitness by strength and endurance but my balanced is always being challenged.

I can’t think of a better way to get a full overall body workout while being in the present moment.

If you haven’t had a chance to learn proper form, contact me now and let’s make that happen.