Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

So excited to be announcing that my dear friend Alla Tsypin and I are heading back to the mountains of Jamaica coming February 15-21, 2023. We are taking our guests to a remote location away from all the tourist traffic. It is time for our guest detox from everything. From life, from the daily grind, from our stinking thinking and from the toxins we are surrounded around. From mental, to physical inside and out.

What makes this Eco Wellness Retreat different, DNA Based Fitness. I’m so excited to bring our guest a clear map of their bodies by using DNA Based Fitness and having the tools to guide our clients to the most direct path to healing their bodies from inside out.

Find out why so often you hear a couple doing the same workout and it is just not working for one and the other is killing it. Why does this happen? Our genes! Our genes can offer a clear guide on how your body is affected by cardio, strength training, resistance training.

Dig deeper and learn if your genes make you more likely to injuries or if your sleep habits may need to be adjusted because your genes don’t allow your body to get to the REM stage of sleeping. Learn about the minerals that your body may be need a little more support from supplements and so much more.

Not only am I, Jenna Tiedje going to guide you to a fitness and nutritional path during our Eco Wellness Retreat but my dear friend Alla Tyspin will share her knowledge of healing our bodies with herbs. One on one consultations while enjoying spa time at the springs on the property, workshops and guided fitness, stretching, meditation, yoga, herbal detoxing and guided eco tours.

Finding balance in life is our goal to share with you and during this retreat we will be enjoying the local community and guided eco hikes to a waterfall and a to a cave. We will be enjoying a beach day in Negril on 7 Mile Beach and taking in the Sunset at Rick’s Cafe.

This inclusive resort includes: DNA Based Fitness testing, your assessment a guided plan in exercise, nutrition and herbal healing. You also will receive all your land travel during your stay, your meals at the resort, guided eco tours, spa treatments and workshops.

What is not included is your airfare, the day in Negril and anything “extra” that you are bringing to the resort. This is an intimate setting so there is limited space available. We offer a payment plan…check out the link today.