GX Perform DNA Test & Report


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Test 15 genetic markers for athletic performance

Our genes tell us about ourselves like our hair color, our eye color and even being able to be guide us to the best healthy lifestyle that is the most efficient and affective way to heal our bodies from the inside out.

When we know that our body is affective at utilizing complex carbs, wouldn’t that be nice to know? Or that eating too much protein is turning into fat because your body doesn’t change with excess protein intake, where some may benefit from high protein but needs to add more fats.

Not all diets are the same, what works for some does not work for all. Our bodies are designed differently, why not learn your specific needs that offer you the best ways for you to live the healthy lifestyle you desire?

GX Performance guides athletes to reach peak performance. Utilize your DNA and make it work for you. Benefit with stronger workouts, gain endurance and become the athletic performer you know you are.

Now is the time to take control of your workouts and eating habits to hit the peak performance you are seeking.

GX Performance kit, test and results based upon your genes against these markers.

Food > Protein Utilization, Fat Utilization, Carb Utilization.

Food Sensitivity > Caffeine Metabolism

Exercise > Body Composition Response to Strength Training

Function > Systemic Inflammation

Mineral & Physical > Power & Endurance, Grip Strength, Testosterone Levels (Men Only)

Training Response > VO2 Max, Exercise Stroke Volume, Exercise Heart Rate Response

Recovery & Injury Risk > Injury Risk