DNA-Based Fitness Kit & Report

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Test 34 DNA genetic markers in fitness, food, vitamins, minerals, habits.

Weight Loss > Weight loss tendency

Food > Protein Utilization, Fat Utilization, Carb Utilization

Food Sensitivity > Caffeine Metabolism

Nutrients > Vitamin A tendency, Vitamin B6 tendency, Vitamin B9 (folate acid) tendency, Vitamin B12 tendency, Vitamin C tendency, Vitamin D tendency

Exercise > Fat loss response to cardio, Fitness response to Cardio, Body composition response to strength training

Feel > Intrinsic Motivation to exercise, Behaviors of Addiction/Stimulous control

Function > Systemic Inflammation, Calcium tendency, Magnesium tendency, Zinc Tendency

Minerals > Iron tendency

Mental & Physical Foundation > Power / Endurance, Testosterone (males only)

Training > VO, Exercise Stroke Volume, Exercise Heart Rate Response

Recovery & Injury Risk > Injury risk

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Save on additional DNA tests when you purchase our DNA Fitness Kit. Use coupon code: GV7FX3G6 at checkout. Only $150 each! Save $219 on each!