Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

One of our last camping trips brought us to Flamingo of Everglades. Which I’m sure you can imagine the variety of wildfire.

What a beautiful place to visit and their Eco tents were big, clean and great views.

Flamingo of Everglades

The mosquitoes were intense. I suggest investing in the mesh hoodie. And unfortunately the deet was used heavily. Bike riding also helped during the hot day. We did go this past summer.

With all that I will definitely go back. The view was beautiful and there was always something to see.

Hawk on the Patio

The water there was white and cloudy. Saw a huge crocodile by the marina and their store. But that still didn’t stop us from paddle boarding.

Crocodile 🐊

At the beach where we dropped there were tons of people fishing and pulling in sharks. And that still didn’t stop us.

Got on the boards and headed out not far from shore, not knowing what we were really in for. But we didn’t see anything from our boards.

It was one of those paddles that really kept us on our toes, ready for anything to happen.