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DNA-Based Fitness

How Genetic Testing Can Improve Your Health

Genetic testing has moved into the mainstream and is now the future of preventive health. In addition to the thousands of tests being offered for medical conditions and diseases, the science and research behind genetic testing for lifestyle and wellness improvement has progressed dramatically.

The science can now help identify the specific genes that dictate how the human body processes carbohydrates, fats, proteins and micro-nutrients; how types of exercise affect the body; how lifestyle behaviors influence the aging process; and how unique metabolic and physiologic functions influence athletic performance.

Programs tailored to an individual’s DNA have proven to be much more effective than one-size-fitsall programs because they take the guesswork out of health management.

The Research

Clinical studies and research on genetic testing related to lifestyle and wellness markers have been rapidly increasing in quality and volume since the human genome was first mapped in 2003.

As technology improves and cost decreases, more research facilities and universities around the world are able to perform more research studies, leading to more being discovered about the connections between genetics and preventive health.

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