Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

It’s been awhile since I have made time to blog. I find writing to being time consuming, needs time and thought which has had me at a crossroads for some time now.

I was so excited to start back in my chosen field, however as a family of 5 living in South Florida money can get tight. After being furloughed for 21 months I was lucky enough to go back to my previous position as sales manager of a beachside hotel.

I like all hospitality careers, I ❤️ assisting people to having fun or pushing people to be their best. I prefer the latter, it’s the relationships that I gain.

After 9 months of being back in the saddle at the hotel again, I now know that my true passion lies in health and fitness and I can’t stop now that I just started again.

I’m finding my way here and there, figuring on how I’m going to piece it all together. But I truly do see my sacred space that will help many to change my clients future.

With this vision I keep putting in foot in front of the other and I know the answer will appear.