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We can work out all day every day but if our calorie count is filled with processed high sugar, high carb foods we will not see the changes we are trying so hard to see.

Our bodies have to work over time to clean out the “dirty” foods that we ingest. So much of the food on the grocery shelves are chemically loaded. Fake food is every where and even designed to make you believe it’s good for us.

The fact hold true to shop the outside sections of the grocery store. Stay out of the isles where most of the processed foods live.

What we put in our body creates the body we see today. Even if I stay thin but eat a horrible diet, what would happen to my hair? To my skin?

What happens to our bodies when we add the chemicals into it? It breaks down our good cells, lose muscle mass and tissue will break down. I’ve seen it first hand.

A family member who’s the youngest of three by more than a couple of years is now mostly immobilized due to the addiction to “Diet Soda”.

Fizz sparkling Cola water Refreshing bubbly Soda Pop with Ice Cubes. Cold soft drink cola carbonated liquid fresh and cool iced drink in a glasses . Refreshing and quench thirst concept .

Her bones are destroyed, tissue and muscles eaten away. It took years of abuse to get there, but once it was done it went fast.

Now to weak to do much about it, her lifestyle has become limited.

To live a full life that we dream about, it has to start from the inside out. Show your body the love and it will pay you back with a fabulous life of YES to living the way I want!