Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

I am not a “rental “ company, I am a personal tour guide helping others enjoy our waterways here in South Florida.

My love and passion is to explore and to live a life of adventure. Sharing this with others is a joy.

As a professional paddle boarder with years of experience, I know many good places to visit.

From Paddle Boarding in the ocean and snorkeling, to hitting the back waters and checkout out our maneuvers. I know many great places Float.

Since I have been running tours since 2014 I bring all the essentials needed.

Guests in town and they want to explore, I can set up a private tour.

Not only do I bring all the equipment needed for a successful adventure. I will have the extras to make sure you are very comfortable and relaxed for your vacation adventure.

Send me a message to coordinate your next SoFlo water adventure.