Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

Why I can help you to gain the lifestyle you seek. Feel fabulous and excited to go shopping for a new outfit, or fitting back into the clothes you have outgrown.

Be excited for life!

It’s not easy to do it alone. I don’t do it alone, why should you expect yourself to do it all by yourself?

Isn’t there enough you already do all by yourself?

Why not trust someone who can relate, who has done it repeatedly and LOVES to share the joy of a fun fulfilled life.

I live the life I love.

We feel the pressure to be “on”, all the time. Giving here, giving there, it takes away from our soul and at the same time can nourish the energy we create.

When our souls become entangled, overwhelmed and just warn out it’s easy to get burnt out. To feel drained.

Finding the balance isn’t always a clear path. There might be some instructions out there on how to do it, but where does all that motivation and accountability come from.

It’s easy to say, that workout will be there tomorrow. Or I ate an unhealthy lunch and so it’s down the toilet any way, I might as well not even try.

Have you had those thoughts? I know I have. And there are just some of those days that our bodies need the rest.

I have a side of my family where obesity and heart disease runs high and so does depression.

Gained 67lbs first pregnancy.
This is my third pregnancy at 55lbs overweight. I’m 5’1” 🤨😳

The most effective way that I beat those odds are taking care of my body from the inside out.

I have been studying food since I became pregnant. When it was no longer all about me any more.

I’ve been an athlete most of my life so I know the importance of physical fitness. I run, swim, rollerblade, have raced several obstacle course races and former dancer.

I’m a PaddleFit Pro, Certified Personal Trainer and received my Green Belt in Taekwondo.

I do all this to keep living this life I love. The longer it’s avoided, the harder it becomes as we age.

It’s a fight, a fight to give our body the strength, endurance, and love that it desires and deserves.

Today I say Thank You to my legs for helping me be able to walk my dog. I thank my eyes for seeing my sweet babies faces today before they left for the day.

If I do not take care of my body today, someone else will be taking care of it in the future.

Show your body the love and message me today to start your new journey to living that healthy lifestyle you know you deserve.

Me today at 49 years old and three teenagers.

I will not sell you a quick fix. I’ll teach you to find balance through it all.