Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

Getting on a Stand Up Paddle Board or for short ‘SUP’, is very exciting! It can either be really relaxing, or a new challenge to over come.

First you want to make sure the board you are riding is the right length, width and volume.

Second, make sure your paddle is adjusted for your height.

Once those are in place, learn that proper stroke technique. This creates the six pack that everyone benefits from, and helps you in times that you need to be stronger than the wind and current.

If you have been hitting the water with your SUP for awhile now, but not sure that you are paddling correctly. Stop and look where your top hand is. If your hands come near your face, you’re doing it the hard way and can injure yourself.

As I call it, the hand sandwich. When I see this, I will tell you to stop eating your hand. Or my favorite go to, STOP punching yourself in your face. Learn to stop cranking the paddle.

If you have not picked up a paddle yet, reserve an appointment with me to make sure you learn the most efficient, muscle building benefits you possible can

Or if you have been padding for awhile and want to learn hope to change up your stroke, hit me up and let’s chat.

With over 7 years of professional SUP experience, I have taught thousands. Every level of fitness and ages.

I am a coach, trainer, instructor…your personal cheerleader!