Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

As a personal trainer I really got excited to use paddle boarding for fitness. In 2014 I didn’t realize what a workout that paddle boarding on it’s own offered.

In 2016 I was introduced to Annabel Anderson when she came to shop I was working at.

I did not hesitate to take her clinic and learned so much. She is freaking fabulous, personable and a fierce athlete.

After that I found PaddleFit, who really is Brody Welte and Brent Ackland . I can’t thank them enough for the training and the push to go the distance.

Like I have said before, the racing part of boarding makes me anxious and didn’t think about it until I have opened my own business.

Training clients form and technique again has me using the tools I have, to become a competitive paddler. At least knowing that I have that competitive edge.

And the fitness benefits are huge! Shoulders, back, glutes, legs, abs, abs, abs and gain balance.

Finally found my sup board, which wasn’t easy. During these crazy times shipping and production of some item are harder to get.

Thanks to Epic BoardSports I have this sweet new ride. The road trip to Cocoa Beach was totally worth it!!!!

I picked it up on 9.10.21, I of course got her on the water the next morning. In the past 6 days I have paddled 19 miles and going to hit the water tomorrow.

My arms are sore, my body is tired, and I need more lotion on my sun kissed body. But that is not going to stop me.

Not going to hit it hard tomorrow, take a leisure paddle and enjoy what I love so much about me and my SUP time. 🌈