Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

From exercise to nutrition takes mindset and accountability. To help me bring out the best me, I love what herbs can do for our bodies and our mind.

I have been a huge fan since my dearest friend Alla Tsypin came into my life. She is an herbalist and creating healthy lives for over 20 years and she knows her stuff.

A successful business woman, a mom of two and an entrepreneur. Alla is who I go to when I need advice to get the support my body. And get me back on track.

Here is more about Alla Tyspin. I started my journey as an herbalist in California in the late 90s. Since then I have taught herbal classes, became a mom to 2 amazing humans, saw clients, founded and am still managing, NessAlla kombucha, the first craft kombucha company in the world and am the cofounder of RA!, all natural hemp products.

Throughout all these years I have stayed emersed in the plant healing world. Everything I do involves helping people with their health and we’ll being. This is what I’m looking to bring to you.

Our session will involve a comprehensive intake, after which we will come up with a wellness plan to help you come into a more balanced feeling in your self and body.

You will receive a consultation, a tea blend and a tincture formulated specifically for you as well as a CBD balm for all those aches after Jenna whoops your butt!

I look forward to help guide you on your path to wellness and balance.

Alla is available for private sessions. You contact her directly at