Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

Leaving the Health and Fitness industry in 2018, I need a break from it.

I don’t know if it was that being a trainer in an environment that didn’t support me and my goals. Or if I was just tired of my clients not seeing the results because of their lack of follow through.

So when I decided to get back into Health and Fitness, I knew I had to do it another way. Offering my clients more than just a workout was always my goal but I got distracted and did not follow through on it at that time. And I had NO idea how I was going to offer it.

When creating Blue Drop SUP & Fitness, LLC., I knew what I wanted to share with my clients. But presenting it in the way I could see it took time.

Finally can see the entire program and looking forward to its launch. Just trying the last of the details.

This program is not just about getting a great body, or just working out with a trainer. This program makes you look a healthy lifestyle in a new light. Learn to navigate through life with these long lasting habits to keep you feeling fit and fabulous.

Lose the weight. Stay focused. Stay positive. Eat to heal your body. And most of all be patient with yourself, say kind words to yourself.

Gaining the weight didn’t just come overnight. This is so important to remember when you start a new healthy lifestyle program. There are no quick fixes that support a long term goal.

With me guiding you and pushing you along the way, there is no stopping you to achieve your healthy lifestyle Fitness goals.

We only get one body. How are you treating it? It isn’t easy to to do it alone, know that I’m here to support you.