Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

This past weekend was very exciting. Friday my bestie and I took a road trip to Cocoa Beach, Fl to Epic BoardSports who carried the board size and shape that I was looking for. Fabulous peeps with tons on information to share.

Saturday morning I took my new ride for an adventure to Stilsville, FL. with a group from South Florida Paddlers.

What a great day it was. My new 14’ x 28” Starboard Water Line Lite Tech SUP racing board is not only pretty but a great ride.

I LOVE this board, but I haven’t met a board that I didn’t like. This board handled waves no problem and I enjoyed riding the heavy chop.

I appreciate the shallow nose. Many race style SUP have a larger nose for the glide. However, me being the ocean paddler that I am I thought this was perfect way to get onto a race board.

This board did great on the ocean. Great speed, swift glide. Now I don’t have much 14’ SUPs’ to compare it to. Of course it’s going to be my fastest ride yet, when comparing to my cruiser.

However, when it came to the beach current, my board hated that sideways. When I was heading back North to get to our launch, it was brutal.

The side rails are flat and run almost 14’ long, nothing but a ledge for the water to push me around. I was done trying to keep her off the beach, so I walked her to the drop.

14’x28” Starboard headed to Stiltsville

Plus this was the end of our adventure, and we spent time drifting further away from our drop. The board handled great into the wind and glided over the current.

I think as long as I stay outside the bouy it won’t be as difficult. Can’t wait to get her back in the water.