Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

Just stepped up my game.

I started Paddleboard Fitness because of the workout that I could provide.

Now that I have been professionally boarding since 2014 and a certified PaddleFit Pro I think it’s finally time for me to cross over to the racing.

This now 49 year old is changing it up. I enjoy racing and live the benefits that my entire body receives when I get out there and hit the water.

With everything going on with Covid, shipping of products like 14’ touring race boards, makes it hard to find them in stock.

But I wasn’t giving up my search. I am not going to the higher end board, since this is my first race board and haven’t raced one yet.

I can train you to race, but I just wasn’t ready for it. My nerves? The anxiety I create when I race? I’m incredibly competitive, so it makes me a little crazy. Ask my man.

Having done 5 obstacle course races and running a 5k here and there, helps me to keep on track. Stay focused on my goal.

So of course I’ve always been tempted to SUP Race, and now the time has come.

At first I was going to start with the 12’6”, but the other day when I was boarding with a yaker (kayaking), he was in a 16’ x 28” and his glide through the water came so easily.

I was riding my favorite sup board, my cruiser 11’ x 30” and it has some damage so it has taken on water. I really had to work at it to keep up with my new friend. And I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated that made me feel.

I did however receive a killer workout!!!

So after that I thought why not go big. Just do it! But the problem has been finding a board. So I just started searching for anything out there.

Starboard is known for having the #1 race board, the Sprint. As beautiful as the Sprint is, I just don’t want to drop all the $$$$ for my very first race board. You know…with my way up.

I’m incredibly excited to buying a Starboard 14’ x 30” Waterline Lite Tech from Epic BoardSports. She’s a little wider than I want. But I’m not going to be too picky since I can’t find any boards in stock any where, except the inflatable.

Road trip! Cocoa Beach here I come.