Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

As we find ourselves aging and before we know it, life has taken over and our bodies have been put off.

Getting in the extra gains to get our calories working for us is endless.

I mow the thick crab grass us Floridians’ peeps call lawns. With a non-self propelling mower, in the SoFlo heat and it’s not a small patch.

And I LOVE it!

With 3 teenagers I had to give them this responsibility. They know need to know how to take care of our home from inside out.

But where does that leave me with my “extra” workout, that I love.

I decided to delegate and give them other areas of the yard work that needs to get done. Now I can get back to doing it myself.

I really enjoy my extra calorie burning workout I receive while making my home look better.

There are many ways to get the “extra” workout in. Adding weights helps our muscles to keep working for us long after the workout.

Taking the dog for a run/walk, paddle boarding, gardening, see stairs-climb the stair, sports, rock climbing. Just to name a few.

You can also hire me as your coach, your personal cheerleader.

Let me push you further than you would go on your own. Learn form and the correct exercises for your troubled areas.

I will also guide you to the foods that help support your body. I can get you through that mindset that has us often stuck.

And number #1 …accountability! Be accountable for your health today and live a stronger tomorrow.