Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

I got into paddle boarding first for the fun of it, but the physical, health benefits that paddle boarding offers, is abundant.

As a personal trainer I loved the fact that it I got on a paddle board and when I planked, I am ten times more engaged.

I LOVE this extra challenge to bring to my already strong workout.

Not long after creating Paddleboard Fitness I could see the huge benefits of proper paddle boarding techniques.

I found a great program called PaddleFit and got certified in Core in 2017 and Pro in 2018.

Teaching proper form and techniques to help my clients become efficient strong paddlers is why I do this.

I enjoy seeing people challenge themselves, try new things and in the end receive physical health benefits.

Not only physical health benefits, but it’s a great way to be in the present moment and appreciate it.

Once you learn proper form, even using it during a leisure paddle the body and the mind will benefit from it.

Get out there & SUP! Stand Up Paddle Board