Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

SUP – Stand Up Paddle Board

What’s SUP?? No…that’s not what I meant. 😉

SUP??? What does that mean?

Stand Up Paddle Board

As a boarder when you see SUP it’s clear, but I understand that most of the population has no idea what this means and are confused.

I totally get this, for me it was a personal choice because very honestly the name…Blue Drop Paddle Boarding and Fitness was just too much.

Thought about taking out the “and”, but my fitness is not only about paddle boarding.

As a Fitness Coach it is about a well rounded healthy lifestyle.

SUP and Fitness, as a personal trainer the paddle board became another gym.

But we don’t always have the time to get a paddle board/SUP class in. No excuses to listen a workout, get it in any way you can.

Adding SUP Fitness is great to add in a change up from our daily routines.