Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

Sharing my enthusiasm for living a healthy life of course comes into my home.

And wow…this is the biggest challenge.

With my clients, they want this. They are excited about this. But my kids…not the same story.

My youngest just told me the other day he doesn’t like to paddle board. LOL. He’s only been doing it since forever in his life. I’m sure he’ll want to again some day.

He is 13. Now you understand. 😉

My 14 year is starting to want to work on his fitness. Getting a boxing heavy bag and this board is helping to inspire him.

I love watching the growth.

My 17 year old knows it all. But recently has been open to doing more exercising with me. Especially now since I have returned to the fitness industry.

Sports never interested the kids. We did try, and we tried all of them. So BSA is their extra and we enjoy it.

Finding things that my children enjoy beyond the video screen is challenging. So having awesome fun things that are quick and easy to use, is worth the investment.

The price for this #Yes4All balance board was not too expensive and is AWESOME!!

We are all using it land having fun with it. And now with the challenge…GAME ON!

Sharing our love to be active grows with our children. Share the LOVE!

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