Blue Drop SUP & Fitness

We all have our why’s.

The why I want to focus on is why do you want to be healthy.

For me, I want the choice of the life I want to live. I’m adventurous and love being outdoors.

For me to keep this life style, I have to take care of myself from the inside out.

How do I do that? Eating raw foods. Feeding my body nutrition food to fuel it. Staying active in many forms.

SUP, Stand up paddle boarding is an excellent way that I find fitness, balance and positive mindset all at the same time.

When paddling proper form even during a leisure paddle, the body gains core strength and balance. All of the muscles are engaged.

I can’t think of a better place I like to be to get my fitness. I do know however, it can’t be my only fitness.

Adding a variety of exercises gives a well rounded healthy balance of our physical body. I enjoy rollerblading, swimming, running, lifting weights and all styles of yoga.

By exercising we give thanks to our bodies for being here to take us to the places and people we love so much.

We get to show our bodies love! Be good and give your body what it needs.

What is your why?

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