Eco-Wellness Retreat in Jamaica

Reset Your Body, Mind & Soul

What’s included:

  • Guided Eco-Tours
  • Yoga, Fitness, Meditation Sessions
  • Farm-to-table meals
  • All land transportation
  • Beach day in Negril

Heal your body
from the inside out

Escape to the unknown and come discover yourself from the inside out while enjoying an an Eco Resort located in the mountains of Jamaica. Get away from all the hustle and bustle of our every day lives. Come and explore, learn and rejuvenate ourselves. 

This DNA Based Fitness Retreat takes the guess work out of the path to a successful healthy lifestyle. DNA Based Fitness offers a map to our bodies and the best ways to heal from the inside out. Healing our bodies isn’t just about fitness or nutrition, it’s about finding balance. 

Join our 6 Day/7 Night Wellness Retreat and discover balance in our mind, body and soul. Everyone will receive a DNA Testing Kit, customized assessment and healing plan that is based upon your genes. Find out if you should have more strength and resistance training than cardio or how our body processes vital minerals. Learn about the herbs that help to support your body. 

What you can expect from this retreat is finding time to relax by the springs while enjoying our spa treatments, one on one consultation with Jenna for your fitness and nutritional guidance and Alla, your herbalist for all your healing needs. We will also be learning about ourselves and finding new ways to learn how to change our habits to goals through a customized wellness plan. Enjoy daily workshops, mediation, stretching, yoga, fitness, herbal guidance and guided eco tours. Spend a leisure day in Negril on 7 Mile Beach and watch the sunset at Rick’s Cafe. 

Included in your retreat; your room, all land travel in Jamaica, all meals at the resort, guided eco tours, spa treatments, a massage, workshops, guided meditation, yoga, herbal treatments, and a guided daily fitness plan. 

You will be responsible for airfare, anything extra you feel you need to have at the resort, and the day of shopping, eating and drinking in Negril. These items are not included in the package price.

The Resort

This riverside mountain paradise blends sustainable luxury and Jamaican culture. Your room, the views, resort grounds and surrounding environment will connect you to nature.

Experience amazing eco adventures to waterfalls, caves, and secluded springs. Rejuvenate with wellness treatments, coffee skin scrubs, herbal soaks & more. Jamaican food sourced from our on site gardens and neighboring farms. Immerse yourself in Jamaican culture, people, community, music and lifestyle.

Eco Chic

The River Room is on the first floor and the Mountain Room is a second floor room. Each room has 2 double beds, a walk in closet and half bath. The rooms have over-sized covered verandas with a daybed and comfortable furniture. 

Jamaica Jungalo

The Forest Flat is the ground floor suite and the Treetops Flat is on the second floor. Each suite has 2 double beds, a walk in closet and half bath. There are front and rear covered verandas perfect for morning sun or afternoon shade. 

Irie Cottage

Two private spacious individual flats are available in the Irie Cottage. Both comfortably accommodate double occupancy with twin-sized beds and private covered verandas with comfortable hammocks. 

Your Hosts

This trip includes personalized, 1on1 consultations with your hosts.

Jenna Tiedje

DNA Fitness coach

I have been living in South Florida for almost 20 years and I love to live an active life. My love for the gym, running and dancing started in grade school. Now a days I am enjoying obstacle course racing, paddle boarding, rollerblading and received a green belt in Taekwon-do. From there it grew into a career to help others achieve their fitness goals. 

In 2014 and 2016, I received my Personal Training Certification from AFAA and began training clients of all ages and athletic abilities.  I created Paddle Board Fitness in 2014, offering another style of training for my clients in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I trained with Annabel Anderson, the 2018 Female Performance of the Year Award Recipient.  I received my PaddleFit Core Certification in 2017 and PaddleFit Pro Certification in 2018. Paddle boarding is a big part of my fitness regimen,  it’s about finding balance. 

June 21, 2021, I decided to create my business vision.  That’s when Blue Drop SUP & Fitness was born. The vision I seek to share with others, who crave a healthy lifestyle, builds a foundation starting with mindset, accountability, nutrition and exercise. My program, called 90 Day Fitness Foundation,  teaches my clients how to maintain the healthy lifestyle they gain during our training sessions. 

With my background in creating a healthy foundation for our bodies, it only came naturally to become certified in DNA Based Fitness in 2022. Adding this component cuts out the guesswork and offers a clear map of your body’s likes and dislikes. Not every diet and exercise habits are one size fits all. With DNA Fitness, you quickly get a roadmap to healing your body from inside out. 


Alla Tsypin


Alla Tsypin began her work as a professional herbalist in California in the late ‘90s. Throughout these years, immersed in the world of plants and healing, she has taught herbal classes, served private clients and founded the first craft kombucha company in the world, Nessalla Kombucha.

Alla now resides in Madison, Wisconsin where she continues to create custom, medicinal remedies from locally sourced plants to share with her local community in the Midwest. She has incorporated her passion and knowledge of plants and is currently the head of R&D for RA! Wellness, a hemp and herbal wellness company based in Milwaukee, WI.

“I believe in the need to prioritize personal transformation to enrich our planet and the people on it. Our collective experiences in recent years have reinforced the importance of intentionality, focusing on what genuinely improves our existence, and surrounding ourselves with the people and necessities that truly matter and make us better.”

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